Planning Committee Minutes and Agendas

Please Note that for copies of minutes other than those displayed here please refer to the Sevenoaks District Council Planning portal for the respective Planning Application.

Planning Applications – COVID-19

Planning applications can be viewed via the SDC website

Individuals may comment on an application via the SDC website, please refer to detail & links below for current applications Cowden Parish Council is reviewing.

The Parish Council is currently reviewing the following Planning Applications. If you wish to comment on any of these applications then you can do this directly to SDC via their website and or you can email comments to The Cowden Parish Council Clerk at cowdenpc@gmail.com for consideration, please include your name and address else comments may not be taken into consideration.  The outcome of a Planning Application reviewed by Cowden Parish Council is available for the respective application on the SDC website, ‘LINK’ as above. Comments emailed to the Clerk after the required date for a respective application will not be considered.


22/02439/HOUSE: Waystrode Manor Spode Lane Cowden Edenbridge Kent TN8 7HW

The associated documents can be accessed Through Sevenoaks Planning Portal

Comments can be submitted via the Sevenoaks planning portal. However if you wish to provide comments to Cowden Parish Council then please email comments to the Clerk by  1st October 2022